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Woven in the tapestry of human experience is the essence of myth.  From the mundane to the fantastic, storytelling is unique in its ability to inform through entertainment.  And yet, while life’s common threads remind us of a shared heritage, our diverse backgrounds color these expressions.

Thankfully, emerging technologies offer the chance to share perspectives and experiences.  Like never before, committed parties have the opportunity to redefine and reinvent pop culture.  Launched February 29, 2012, Jabal Entertainment, LLC looks to facilitate these efforts through transmedia.

Blending of individual talents is never easy.  Founded by Fictional Frontiers host Sohaib Awan, Jabal Entertainment plans to embrace that mandate.  Serving as not only liaison but director, Jabal Entertainment will bring together “artistic” luminaries…celebrating the best of East meets West.

Through the mediums of comic books, animation, film, and literature, the hope and scope of this effort is bridge building through storytelling.  The end result?  An understanding that our hopes, fears, dreams, and realities are more common than we could possibly imagine.

Jinnrise Credits

Writer:  Sohaib Awan
Artist:  Tony Vassallo
Colorist:  Timothy Yates
Letterer:  Ed Brisson
Jinnrise created by:  Sohaib Awan
Character Designs:  Tony Vassallo
Executive Producer:  Sohaib Awan

Writer’s Bio: Sohaib Awan

Sohaib I. Awan is the Host of Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib and CEO/Founder of Jabal Entertainment, LLC.  Recognizing the dearth of serious pop culture discourse, Sohaib launched Fictional Frontiers in June of 2008.  In addition to hosting duties, Sohaib serves as Executive Producer of Fictional Frontiers and CEO of Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib, LLC.

After successfully establishing Fictional Frontiers as one of the international leaders in genre discourse, Sohaib launched Jabal Entertainment on February 29, 2012.  Jabal’s mandate?  Bringing together artistic luminaries and fresh talents from the East and West…to facilitate storytelling across the mediums of comic books, animation, film, and video games.

Prior to Fictional Frontiers and Jabal Entertainment, Sohaib was the founder and managing partner of The Law Offices of Sohaib Awan.  He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Richmond, his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law-Camden, and Management Certification from The Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania).

In addition to his efforts on Fictional Frontiers, Sohaib is an active member in good standing of the District of Columbia Bar.

Sohaib is also an active member of the Broadcast Journalists Television Association (BJTA).

Contact: sohaib@jabalentertainment.com

Artist’s Bio: Tony Vassallo

Tony Vassallo has been drawing all of his life, and few years ago decided to chase his dream of working in comics. His quest for comic book glory led him to the Kubert School, from which he graduated in 2011. Soon after finishing school Tony was approached by Sohaib Awan to work on Jinnrise and the rest is history. Tony has finished issue 1 of Jinnrise and is currently penciling issue 2.
Tony’s specialty is drawing sweet pages filled with face-melting action that will blow your mind, so be sure you are ready to rock before reading any book he is working on.

-Cover art and pencils  Jinnrise 2012
-Graduated Joe Kubert School 2011
-Featured by Torwars.com 2011
-Featured by Star Wars the Old Republic 2011
-Won Marvel Talent Search C2E2 2011
-Won DC Scholarship 2010
-Won DC Talent Search C2E2 2010
-Pencils/Inks for PS Magazine/ Telagraphics 2009
-12 years  freelance cartoonist/ illustrator

Colortist Bio: Timothy Yates

After realizing his dream of creating and telling stories with art, Tim Yates dropped out of nursing school and enrolled in the Kubert School. While at the Kubert school, Tim dedicated himself to improving his skills to become a professional artist, winning the MADDA design scholarship in 2010. Tim graduated the Kubert School in April 2011, sharing a class with fellow artist Tony Vassallo. He has been happily creating, drawing and coloring comics ever since.

Tim Has worked as a colorist on many projects, including Spike’s 1000 Ways to Die, Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales, and most importantly, Jabal Entertainment’s Jinnrise.

Tim is also the creator and artist of the weekly webcomic Failhunter at Failhunter.com.

Tim is very excited to be a part of Jabal Entertainment and Jinnrise, and hopes to bring you the best quality comics possible for a long time in the future!


For Further Information

Contact: pr@jabalentertainment.com